Tour Colombia


7 – 8 Days

Tour Colombia combines Gregario´s experience of more than 7 years of running tours in Colombia and the positive feedback we gain from our client’s marking it as one of the best cycling experiences they have ever had.

This tour will take you through a variety of climates, regions, and challenges. While it’s designed for advanced cyclists, it’s very enjoyable and made unforgettable by our staff, epic climbs, beautiful scenery, well-thought-out meals, and hotels you will stay at.

You will a climb that is on many cyclists’ bucket lists: The mythical Alto de Letras, known worldwide as one of the longest paved climbs in the world, with more than 80 kilometers. Additionally, you will experience what it’s like to be hosted in a unique hotel located in Paramo, where you will sleep at an altitude of over 3.800 meters. But, it is not just Alto de Letras; Gregario will take you to the most iconic places for cycling and tourism in Colombia, such as Antioquia and the Coffee Region. 

In our opinion, this is the ultimate 8-day cycling tour you could have in Colombia, and we will be happy to share our experience and support you during this experience.

Note: This tour is designed for advanced cyclists; however, we divide all stages into two groups, advanced and intermediate, or those who want to spend less time on the saddle or keep a low pace.

Activity details

One of the best hotels in the area is the meeting point of this bicycle experience through Colombia, which is located at 2100 masl and 5 minutes far from the international airport José María Córdova. After some rest, unpacking and setting up the bikes, we will be having a Welcome dinner where Gregario´s team will be introduced. Some recommendations will be made to make this experience more enjoyable. Also, it could be an excellent opportunity to share with other cyclists that will take part in Tour Colombia.

After having breakfast, we would be running our first stage on this cycling adventure. To spin legs and acclimatise the body to an altitude over 2000 m, we will be riding in one of the most popular places in Antioquia, where amateur and professional cyclists frequently cycle. This 55 km stage will pass through three traditional and colonial towns in the valley of San Nicolas. This short ride let us acclimatise our body to this altitude and test our bikes while enjoying an iconic route for locals: Vuelta Oriente.

Conception is the leading destination on this stage, a well-conserved colonial town, which was declared the "cultural and historical heritage of the nation" in 1999. We will face a charming but challenging route to go to Concepción in a stage that UCI could denominate as a low mountain stage. The biggest challenge would be Alto Las Frías, a 7,9 km climb at 6.0% just after returning from Concepción. This route to Concepción is a remote town that ideally represents a traditional town for Eastern Antioquia, and you will love it!

It is time to leave the Eastern Antioquia Region and start our way to The Mythical Alto de Letras. After riding for 40 km on flat terrain, we will descend to Puerto Triunfo and pass through two second-categorized climbs, Padre Mira and Monteloro. However, this is not a transitional stage, with 149 kilometers becoming the longest stage in this cycling adventure. Due to different altitudes during this stage in a range of around 2100 to 200 metres, you will enjoy variations in the climate with a wide variety of plants. We will be arriving at a charming hotel located close to “Hacienda Napoles”, one of Pablo Escobar's icons and Cartel of Medellín, something that doesn’t make us proud Colombians but is part of our history.

Magdalena, the main river in Colombia, will witness this 108 kilometers stage. This flat terrain stage will help you spin your legs to get ready for the Queen Stage, “The Mythical Alto de Letras” the next day. We will be arriving at Honda, a colonial town founded in 1539 that played a vital role in Colombian history when Magdalena was the only transport link communicating Bogotá with the port of Cartagena and thus with Europe during the Spanish colonization. A colonial boutique hotel will help you to relax in order to enjoy the preparation for tomorrow.

Today is the big day with the Queen Stage. The day starts in the warm San Sebastián de Mariquita at 495 m.a.s.l seeking the route to Manizales and passing through places like Fresno, Padua, Herveo and Delgaditas before reaching the top of the hill at 3680 m.a.s.l. As you go up you will see different changes in the landscape and the climate, also crops and animals. More than 80 kilometres climbing in a route with an even inclination in the first 60 km., which seems easy to ride, with gradients between 4%-6%.. Then the last 20 km, which are the hardest with a dramatic and surprising situation: cold and strong winds, unusual plants and trees, low oxygen volume and gradient average of 7%.Hard enough to feel it in our legs. Arriving to the Páramo de Letras over 3,600 meters at sea level is a unique experience for the mind and legs, which will fill you with satisfaction and one you will never forget.

After sleeping over 3800 meters above sea level and experiencing how some elite endurance athletes train, we will leave Paramo to visit a symbolic place, the Coffee Region. During this stage, we will be riding through the Andes mountain range, enjoying the coffee crops and the culture that involves the economic activity of producing the best coffee in the world. Filandia is our destination, and a modern architecture hotel that cyclists have designed for cyclists will be our home for two nights. Filandia is in the heart of the Coffee Region, declared a world heritage zone by UNESCO.

The last stage of this cycling tour will be more than enjoyable, especially if you are a coffee lover as we are. On this day, we will be visiting Salento, the second most visited city for international tourists in Colombia, and the Cocora Valley, a place with a unique atmosphere. The main challenge of this day is an 8.7 kilometers climb at 5.6% that will bring us to Cocora Valley. After having lunch at Cocora Valley, we will return to our hotel in Filandia. At night we will be having our welfare dinner and sharing some memories that our staff captured on camera during this journey.

It is time to say goodbye, and we hope that this experience will be in your memories for the rest of your life. For those planning to return to their country or visit other cities in Colombia, we will be dropping you at the International Airport of Pereira (PEI) in just 45 minutes. However, we encourage you to spend a couple of days cycling in this region which offers plenty of routes.

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