Gregario Cycling Tours


Gregario provides everything you need to enjoy the cycling culture of our country and be able to live a unique adventure on the bike. High quality hotels, meals designed for cyclists, unique landscapes, epic routes and the best guidance at all times.

Whether you travel alone or in a group, we always care about configuring an experience with high standards that seeks to please our customers in every detail. We are a local company and therefore we offer tours created by local cyclists and also the possibility of customizing each tour according to particular needs.

Live an experience in Colombia like you never imagined on one of our bike tours and enjoy the best of the country while pedaling through its roads. Our goal is to create the most complete cycling tours in Colombia and provide unconditional assistance in the road so you can focus on your physical effort and enjoy life.

Our tours are designed by cycling enthusiasts and tailored for other cycling passionates.

Our carefully selected high-quality hotels, meals catered for cyclists, unique landscapes, epic routes, and the best guidance will ensure your trip is unforgettable. 

Enjoy one of the predesigned or customized tours according to your particular needs, experience, and bucket list rides, like the highly acclaimed Alto de Letras. Whichever experience you decide on, we will take you on an immersive experience of our culture, and pedal through our country’s unique regions, so you can understand what sets Colombia apart from other cycling destinations. 

Our team offers support before, during and after each ride. Vehicles and motorcycles will always be on the road providing nutrition, hydration, and mechanical assistance, which will be prompted after any detail.

Support During your Cycling Trip to Colombia


Gregario provides professional mechanical care of your bicycle everyday and will attend any possible damage on the road. All bicycles are enlisted and treated with care after each session.


Our chefs have designed menus that contain not only delicious but nutritious meals considering all possible nutritional conditions for our riders. During the stages we provide snacks, gels and hydrating at different times. You will get to try the best traditional colombian food and specialties on each destination we arrive in.

Cycling Tour Guides

Our guides will show you the best of Colombia. You will learn different stories about local bikers that will make this a more complete experience. We hope you leave our country really happy.