Experience Colombia in full detail, get to know its landscapes, its people, all its different food flavors and colors. A delightful, cheerful land with a strong identity and culture. A country that is continuously transforming itself and has flourished over the years, where people welcome you with positive energy and warm hospitality.

 Enjoy all the cycling mystic and learn about the history that our country has in this sport. Find out where the “escarabajos” are born and explore the roads that make them the best climbers in the world.

In Colombia, great cyclists have been born for the history of the sport such as Ramón Hoyos, Martín Emilio “Cochise” Rodríguez, Lucho Herrera, Fabio Parra, Álvaro Mejía, Oliverio Rincón, Santiago Botero and Mauricio Soler, among others. Currently, the UCI World Tour is full of significant figures such as Nairo Quintana, Rigoberto Urán, Sergio Luís Henao, Carlos Betancur, and Esteban Cháves. And let’s not forget the new generation of cyclists, led by the current champion of the Tour de France, Egan Bernal, accompanied by talents such as Fernando Gaviria, Iván Sosa, Álvaro Hodeg, Sergio Higuita, Daniel Muñoz, Julian Cardona, Daniel Martinez, Nelson Soto and many more.

Colombia is characterized by having a variety of climates due to its mountains. Geographically, the range goes from sea level up to 5.775 m.a.s.l, making the country a destination with diverse landscapes and mountain chains, ideal place to practice cycling.

 Different climates, good roads, harsh mountains, and the best coffee in the world, ingredients to find happiness after every curve.