Alto El Escobero


Alto El Escobero (from the west side): This mountain pass is located in the municipality of Envigado, a city connected by the south of Medellín. We start the climb very close to the centre of Envigado, specifically the start point is in front of Envigado’s General Hospital, which is a good reference if you are riding this ascent for first time.

According to the cycling colombian journalist, Gustavo Duncan, this mountain pass could be cosidered the one with the highest average slope ever climbed in a profesional race in Colombia.

El Escobero Pass is 9.6 kilometre long,  the average percentage thus is 9.7 % with a maximum slope of 18 %. Over this distance, you climb 931 meters.

We start this ascent between residencial buildings and malls. The first kilometre is not so hard but help us to warm up for the second one which is one of the hardest of this climb with an average slope of 12%. After this second kilometre we left the city but the slope continue being high, this is the hadest part of the climb. We found ramps betwen 15% and 16%. There is a very narrow bend called El Guayabo, the closest and the hardest where you will no able to stay on the saddle.

After 5 km aproximatelly we found the unique part of the climb that offers a “rest”, a whole kilometre between 5%-6% which feels like if it was a flat terrain. It is a good moment to eat something and for sure drink some water. At this time you will realice that this climb is really hard and it is just the half.

With 4.6 kilometres remaining, you will face a bifurcation, there is one road that goes up and one that goes down. This part is really emjoyable because the great atmosphere between tropical forest and small waterfalls, but really hard as well with a initial ramp at 15%.

The last 3 kilometres offers an average slope of 11% with challenging ramps at 16%, you will be riding through a narrow road with nice views green mountainsto and little traffic.

Last kilometre still hard with an average slope of 7%, but the motivation to go to the summit and the nice smell of the tropical forest, help you to feel stronger. At the top, 2519 m.a.s.l., you will have overcome one of the five hardest climbs in the región of Antioquia. If you continue descending to the east you will connect to Las Palmas, the 56 route that goes to Medellín.

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